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Wrath of God
Unlike below, I think we can characterize this tooth as
a part of the wrath of God. This tooth is something to
make a person turn white.

The Wild Card
I am sorry, but everytime I look at this tooth I get
goosebumps. This tooth is huge. It is 6 and 3/4 inches
in length. This things gives a whole new meaning to
the word "Terror."

The Infamous White Megalodon Tooth

Wrong again. In truth we don't know if this tooth
is fossilized or not. Anyways it is still neat to see.

Huge Megalodon tooth found in the Cooper River in 1998.
This tooth is the second biggest tooth I have seen.

Coal Tooth
This fossilized Megalodon tooth appears to have spent the
better part of its time in what I would imagine to be coal
ore due to its extreme black and shine.

There is nothing special about this tooth. A fossilized
Megalodon tooth with a bluish color. Mainly the reason I
call it "Bluey." =]

Fossilized Tooth
Sorry people. Nothing special about this tooth. Normal,
fossilized tooth.

Devil's Tooth
I call this tooth the Devil's tooth mainly because of
its dark appearance. Gives me the creeps when I look
at it.

Tooth Comparison
Nothing special.