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Judging from the size of teeth recovered from the ocean,
the Carcharocles Megalodon supposidly reached lengths from
60 feet all the way past 100 feet. The Megalodon was
most likely able to swallow a small car whole. The Size
of this shark is quite possibly over 3 times the size of
a modern everyday Carcharocles Carcharias which is also
known as the Great White Shark or "White Death." The
Megalodon's teeth were in excess of six to nine inches in
length. In other words they were the size of a person's
hand or bigger. There teeth were almost exactly the same
as the Carcharias's teeth are today except for size. They
had the same serrations as the Carcharias's did. This
shark could easily make a meal out of a Carcharias. To it,
the Carcharias would be nothing more than a small fish,
the same way trout and similar modern fish are to us.
The teeth of the Carcharocles Megalodon can now be found
easily these days at museums and gift shops all around
the world. At beaches and other such places.
The size of the Megalodon's Jaws are enormous. The
Megalodon's mouth can open to 7 feet wide and 9 feet high
however there is some speculation between scientists that
the Megalodon's mouth can open even bigger than that.