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OK people. I got some good stuff now. I will be getting
reports from other sites that specialize in cryptozoology
and I will be posting it here. Most of the cryptozoology
sites don't care much for the Carcharocles Megalodon, which
is a shame. Anyways, here are the sightings.

In 1918, some crayfish fisher man reported a shark
that was about 115 ft long ate their bait. While
they may have exaggerated the length, cutting their
estimate in half still gives you a great white
shark more than 2 times their normal length.
They were also familiar with the local sea life and
the great white shark so it's unlikely they confused
species. This report was obtained from
A pretty decent cryptozoology site.

A fishing ship, named 'Rachel Cohen', was going back to shore after
a fishing campaign in the South Australian waters. It was during the
mid-50s. One night, there was a very big shock and the crew thought
they had collided with a floating tree. When back in Adelaide (or Port
Lincoln, I don't remember precisely), they discovered, deep entered in
the keel, several 'Great White Shark typed' teeth... but some 12 cm
(5 inches) long!!!