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This is the literature section of the page. This gives
references to works of fact and fiction for interested
readers of this certain subject. Most of these will be
fiction due to the fact that there are really not many
reference books out for the Carcharocles Megalodon.

Author: Alten, Steve
Title: MEG: A novel of deep terror
This book is one of the best I have read in a long time.
The author does a superb job in the story telling and in
the description of the shark. I would reccomend this one
to anyone with a heart for sharks. A lot of work was put
into the making of the book.

Author: Alten, Steve
Title: The Trench
Excellent book. This book is better than the first. A non-
stop thriller. Good reading.

Author: Benchley, Peter
Title: Jaws
Jaws the classic. This book is almost unforgettable. One
of the true classic shark books on the shelf today after
almost thirty years. Truly a world class novel.

Author: Benchley, Peter
Title: Creature
No comment. Haven't read it yet.

Author: Wilson, Charles
Title: Extinct
Boring and pretty stupid. I read it all the way through
and from my personal opinion it sounds like a bad late-
night movie put into text format. Well at least by buying
this book you have something else to burn to keep warm
in the winter.