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There are several theories concerning the Carcharocles
Megalodon. Some of them are good and strong theories.
Some other theories are ridiculous in some forms. Not
All of these theories listed are mine. As a matter of
fact most of them are from other people.

The first theory involves the Mariana Trench and the
Challenger Deep. This theory was first considered by
Steve Alten who is the the author of the novel "MEG."
It is the idea of the Megalodon suriving out in the
Mariana Trench's Challenger Deep. The deepest part of
the ocean as we know it. It goes down 7 miles below
sea level. It estimates 35,827 feet deep. Down there
the water pressure is a tight 15,000 lbs. per square
inch. six miles down towards the Challenger Deep is
cold water almost below freezing. After this freezing
water is the Challenger Deep which contains lava vents
that heat up the water around them to tropical levels.
This allows life to survive down at the bottom of the
ocean. Due to the low levels of oxygen in the Mariana
Trench and in the Challenger Deep, the metabolism of
sea life down there is slowed down signifcantly. This
includes the metabolism of the Megalodon. Instead of
the megalodon eating an excessive amount as it would
normally, in my personal hypothesis it would eat a
little less that a human being does in one meal. The
tube worms along the bottom of the trench could provide
adequate food for a small group of existing Megalodons
down there. As for us not seeing Megalodons is mainly
because of the freezing cold water between the surface
and the Challenger Deep. According to this it would be
impossible for the Megalodon to reach the surface with-
out freezing to death. The Megalodon is here by trapped
under the freezing cold water. Although this theory is
very weak it still holds some ground considering the
trench has not been completely explored.

The second theory I heard I couldn't stop laughing.
This is an interesting but extremely crazy theory as to
where the Megalodons are. Some guy came up with the
idea that the reason ships disappear in the Bermuda Tri-
angle is because of Megalodons attacking and sinking
them. Basically a wild idea.

Here is a new theory thought of by me. This is
having to do with the meteor that supposidly crashed
into the Yucatan. There is strong evidence of this meteor
crashing into gulf. So if this meteor did crash there
and ended the dinosaurs then it is possibly responsible
for the Megalodon becoming trapped miles below the
surface of the ocean. Basically a chain reaction of
events. The first part was the crash of the meteor into
the gulf. The crash caused a massive earthquake and
superheated trillions of gallons of water in the ocean,
which of course the animal didn't do well with. So in
order to avoid the new, sudden climate change the sea-
life ventured down deeper in the ocean to where it was
not as hot. This sealife did include the Megalodon's food
source. So when the food source went deeper so did the
Carcharocles Megalodon. The species stayed down there to
avoid the crashing titlewaves, dust, and extreme heat.
Eventually the ocean began to cool off and the water
above the area they were living in become to grow to
the freezing cold temperature. They were able to survive
most likely because of heat or lava vents. After the
water became freezing cold again it created a barrier
that prevented them from surfacing. This has been the
reason they have most likely been trapped down there.
When you think about the heat water, the question that
comes to most peoples' minds is if the water below was
already hot then why didn't it get hotter? Well it is my
personal belief that the heat from the water above did
not reach down that far. It is my belief that there was
at least a quarter of a mile of cold water down there
during this event. But even still, it was close enough
between the superheated water and the bottom for the
Megalodon to make it down without freezing to death.
Another idea is that the Megalodon itself became
frightened or startled by the seismic and astronomical
event that it retreated down there for shelter as did
the other lifeforms that survived the crash of the
asteroid, comet, meteor or whatever it was. I have
never been clear as to what it was that crashed there.
To give this any clarity, the answer is YES. Something
DID crash into the Earth in the Yucatan. There is un-
deniable physical evidence of this.

Reports of giant Great White Sharks up to 10 m long in
recent times have led some scientists to suggest that
the Megalodon still lives in the oceans somewhere.
Gilbert Whitley, the late curator of fishes of the
Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia, wrote "Large teeth
belonging to species of White Pointer have been dredged
at great depths in the oceans and indicate that enormous
sharks are either still living or only became extinct
fairly recently. A man could stand upright with ease in
the jaws of such a monster which has been calculated to
have measured 80 feet in length." However, no well
documented "Megatooth" fossils have been found younger than
3 million years old(early as 10,000 years), but remember
paleontologists once believed that all coelacanths went
extinct at the end of the Cretaceous, 65 mya, and it is
still alive today!

Many cryptozoologists believe that the Megalodon spends
much of is time in very deep waters, perhaps feeding on
giant squid like the sperm whale does. This theory was
retrieved from The Shadowlands.

Well this is all for right now. If you have a "Where is
the Megalodon" theory, feel free to send it in. No
ridicule or criticism will be place on them.

Scientists have been listening to sea-life for years, and
have identified a large amount of different sounds, but in
the south pacific, they recorded a sound that they couldn't
identify, or even hope to comprehend. I don't want to say
it's the Megalodon, because we don't know, but it could be.
We won't know untill we find out what's making the noise.

Well this is all for right now. If you have a "Where is
the Megalodon" theory, feel free to send it in. No
ridicule or criticism will be place on them.

Given the close proximity of the Megladon to the Great White,
is it not possible that they are the same animal?
We have little data on how sharks age and die currently,
especially the Great White. Could it be that these animals
are extremely long-lived, and like many cold-blooded animals,
never stop growing during their lifetime? As the white shark
grows, it changes prey to suit it's size. Most die out around
the 30 foot mark, but a few, living in ideal conditions and
perhaps just a little lucky, or possessed of some recessive gene,
live on, growing to massive dimensions.

Another, similiar theory is that, given the close proximity in
physical characteristics between a Megladon and a White Shark,
it would be extremely challenging for a surface observer to tell
the difference between a large white and a small meg. Thus, we
may have many cases of Megalodon sightings, which are mis-
identified as large white sharks.

Another theory is that Megalodons live out in the deeper areas of
the vast oceans and stear themselves clear of the shorelines and
continental shelves. Don't ask me why. Just a theory someone sent.