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Steve Alten
This is a pic of Steve Alten standing inside a replica of
the jaws described in his book, "Meg." I consider Steve to
actually be a teacher to me. You might want to grab the
sequel to his book called "The Trench."

I call this set of Megalodon jaws "Seven" mainly because,
well, they stand seven feet tall. Sorry I am not very
creative when it comes to naming things with such a short
period of work-time on my hands for this page.

Pat McCarthy
This is an image of Pat McCarthy knealing next to a set of
replica jaws he made using actual fossilized Megalodon teeth.

The Megalodon Jaws
This is an image of the famous Megalodon jaws that is seen
in several shark education books around the world.

Meg Jaws
Another pic of the replica Jaws from the book Meg. This one
is without Steve.

Just a pic of some Megalodon jaws on a wall. nothing big.