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Steve Alten
This is a pic of Steve Alten standing inside a replica of
the jaws described in his book, "Meg." I consider Steve to
actually be a teacher to me. You might want to grab the
sequel to his book called "The Trench."

I call this set of Megalodon jaws "Seven" mainly because,
well, they stand seven feet tall. Sorry I am not very
creative when it comes to naming things with such a short
period of work-time on my hands for this page.

Pat McCarthy
This is an image of Pat McCarthy knealing next to a set of
replica jaws he made using actual fossilized Megalodon teeth.

The Megalodon Jaws
This is an image of the famous Megalodon jaws that is seen
in several shark education books around the world.

Meg Jaws
Another pic of the replica Jaws from the book Meg. This one
is without Steve.

Just a pic of some Megalodon jaws on a wall. nothing big.


Wrath of God
Unlike below, I think we can characterize this tooth as
a part of the wrath of God. This tooth is something to
make a person turn white.

The Wild Card
I am sorry, but everytime I look at this tooth I get
goosebumps. This tooth is huge. It is 6 and 3/4 inches
in length. This things gives a whole new meaning to
the word "Terror."

The Infamous White Megalodon Tooth

Wrong again. In truth we don't know if this tooth
is fossilized or not. Anyways it is still neat to see.

Huge Megalodon tooth found in the Cooper River in 1998.
This tooth is the second biggest tooth I have seen.

Coal Tooth
This fossilized Megalodon tooth appears to have spent the
better part of its time in what I would imagine to be coal
ore due to its extreme black and shine.

There is nothing special about this tooth. A fossilized
Megalodon tooth with a bluish color. Mainly the reason I
call it "Bluey." =]

Fossilized Tooth
Sorry people. Nothing special about this tooth. Normal,
fossilized tooth.

Devil's Tooth
I call this tooth the Devil's tooth mainly because of
its dark appearance. Gives me the creeps when I look
at it.

Tooth Comparison
Nothing special.


Giant Nurse Shark
This is the image of a Nurse shark that registers the
same size as the Carcharocles Carcharias.

Beauty in Abstract
I couldn't pass up putting this on my page. This picture
is too perfect. A beautifully taken photograph of a

Diving Shark
OK people hands up. Who wants to do this??(you're out of
your mind if you do)


The Shinkai
This is one of the most advanced deep-sea diving
submarines available. Japanese made. Capable of
decending to 30,000 feet.


Mariana Trench Location
This map just shows the exact spot of the Mariana Trench.

Mariana Trench
This is a computer enhanced diagram of the Mariana Trench.
Looks to me like it was done using 3D Studio Max or Light-


1975 Dive #1
This is an underwater photograph of Pat McCarthy in his 1975
dive into the Cooper River. These are teeth that him and his
dive team found.

1975 Dive #2
This is another underwater pic of Pat McCarthy in 1975 on a
dive in the Cooper River.