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== Steve Alten ==

This guy has offered almost too much help. =]
A good friend and excellent writer who has
contributed much information and opinions to
help me build my webpage and to give me info
on stuff that I did not know already.

== Steven Alter ==

For his information on diving for Megalodon teeth
and for his help in giving me information on
diving gear in itself. This may not seem like much,
but is much more than said to be. I am planning on
making a section on Megalodon Tooth Diving.

== John Taylor ==

For his awesome site and for his help in locating
Steve Alten. This guy has also provided excessive
amounts of info on diving. Forgive me, but I am
turning into a diving fanatic. =]

== Mark Chorvinsky ==

For helping me find Richard John Ravalli. Thanks
a bunch, man. It's all good.

== Richard John Ravalli ==

For currently helping me out in getting other
peoples' opinions and ideas towards the
so-called unfossilized tooth found on ebay.