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This part of the "Facts" section is most likely be
the shortest due to the fact that we have never been
able to study Megalodon mainly because they supposidly
don't exist anymore. Considering the evidence gathered
from the teeth, we can assume that it is relatively
similar to the Carcharias's internal structure. Same
setup. So mainly it confides in the same senses and
organs of today's Carcharias. A verifiable living
nightmare in other words. The perfect killing machine.
A weapon of death and pure chaos for the modern world.
Anyways, back to anatomy. The anatomy of the
Carcharocles Megalodon would consist of the sensory
organs of the Carcharias. The electric sensory organ,
directional smell, lateral line, sight, hearing, etc.
Basically though the reason scientists don't use this
in all studies is because this information is not all
accurate. We cannot be sure until we, if ever, see one
of the Megalodons and recieve a chance to study it. Then
we can be sure.